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Hello, we are Svetlana and Andreas Csar, an Austrian/Russian family.

We rent cars¬†and 4×4 campers to international guests for unique self-drive holidays in Russia’s most beautiful southern region.¬† Together, we will plan your individual journey to discover Dagestan in the most authentic way and at your individual pace.

About Dagestan

Our home is the legendary Republic of Dagestan, located between Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains, a part of Russia famous for breathtaking wild nature and traditional hospitality of the local people.

Here¬†you find Europe’s deepest canyon, spectacular waterfalls, ancient mountain villages, wild stretches of coastline and many more natural wonders.¬†Home to more than 30 ethnic groups, Dagestan is a colourful melting pot of different heritages, languages and traditions kept alive over the centuries.

Its stunning natural beauty, richness of culture and friendly local people, makes Dagestan the ideal destination for those who want to avoid mass tourism and prefer authentic travel experiences off the beaten paths.


Why travel with us?

Our self-drive tours allow you to discover the best places in Dagestan without depending on guides, tourist groups or translators.

To spend your time in Dagestan the best way possible, we prepare for you a special self-drive guidebook and map with detailed description and coordinates of all points we recommend visiting.

Travelling with us, you don’t need to know any Russian to discover Dagestan in the most authentic way. Our network of English (and German) speaking friends will welcome you as guests in their remote mountain villages, treat you to traditional hospitality and introduce you to local culture and national kitchen.

How do I get to Dagestan?

A flight via Moscow is the easiest way to our capital Makhachkala.

We pick you up from the airport and your holidays start right away.

Do I need a visa?

Probably yes.

Fortunately, most visitors can apply for an electronic Tourist Visa, which is quick and convenient.

Please contact us for more information

Is travelling to Dagestan safe?

Yes, Dagestan is a safe travel destination.

More than 20 years have passed since the conflict in neighbouring Chechnya also disturbed the peace in Dagestan, today the region is safe again for travellers.

Prices and booking?

Please go to our Self-Drive Tours page for prices and booking.

When is the best weather for your visit?

Our climate is mediterranean, similar to Croatia or Italy.

Every time of the year has its own beauty.
You can travel almost all year round.

Our rental season starts February and March, the perfect time for fantastic panoramas of snow-topped Caucasus Mountains and to see some of our mighty waterfalls frozen into surreal sculptures.

April and May, nature is waking up. The whole country is covered in lavishly greens and a blooming carpet of flowers.

June, July and August are perfect beach weather when the Caspian Sea reaches¬†25¬įC.

During our long and mild autumn,  September and October are excellent for travelling through wonderfully coloured landscapes.

November, the first snowfalls cover the tops of the high-up mountains. Panoramas and views are wonderful and you have all the famous places very much for yourselves.

December and January our business is closed

Our Blog

A family vacation

A family vacation

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What Our Guests Say

"You can never get enough of Dagestan!"


– Luc Jones

See his amazing Dagestan travel videos on YouTube.

"Where else do you find such an attraction?"


– Nastya & Konstantin

On discovering Dagestan in our 4×4 camper van.

"The warmth and friendliness were impressive"


– Beate & Rudolf

Travelling Dagestan in style on our Comfort Tour.

"Like visiting good friends in Russia"


– Kathi & Emanuel

Already planning to return in 2021.

"Three days is definitely not enough"


– Sonja, Daniel & Ole

Visited for the weekend from Moscow and booked a second trip.

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