September kicked off a beautiful autumn, with lots of guests enjoying the ideal travel temperatures.
Also the last full moon, captured impressively by gifted photographers, was spectacular.

Thursday 14.10.2021 19:00 (UK time) will be our next virtual journey in Dagestan.

No registration needed, just click on the Zoom video-conference link to join
You are most welcome to also forward this invitation to family and friends.

All the best from Dagestan,

      Andreas und Svetlana

Six friends, three UAZ camper vans , one fantastic journey

A group of old friends from Germany and Moscow were travelling with three of our UAZ buses. They had a great time in  Dagestan on their journey together and brought up old memories around the campfire. It was a pleasure to get to know you guys, and thank you especially for your beautiful photos!

An individual tour for each guest

Depending on the season, travel experience, and wishes, we create a personal route around Dagestan for our guests. We recently had a truly extraordinary trip: The first week was planned as an adventure tour in the UAZ Camper, followed by an 11-day comfort tour in a SUV and with accommodations.

Our new home in Dagestan

We were looking for a long time, and finally, we found it.  We now now moved into our new house, which offers enough space for guests, family, and cars. We are looking forward to sitting at the table with many of you, listening to your stories from travelling Dagestan.

UAZ Bukhanka test drive (but for real!)

Anke and Harald are thinking about buying a UAZ bus themselves. A Dagestan adventure trip in our 4×4 camper was certainly the ideal test drive to get to know this sturdy vehicle under natural conditions.
Their conclusion: big thumbs up!

Travel restrictions & Visa

Russia is now already open for tourists from around 60 countries!
See the full list and all information here:

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