August granted us a couple of wonderful impressions from Dagestan.
Thanks very much to our guests for contributing their amazing pictures.

In this issue of our newsletter, we want to share some special moments from the journeys of our guests


We wish you good health and are looking forward to our next guests.

      Andreas und Svetlana

In 6 years around the world - and now in Dagestan

Sabine und Thomas travelled 120 000km around the world in a truck. Now the two discovered with us Dagestan. The verdict of these seasoned explorers: “Diverse, welcoming and always surprising – exploring Dagestan in the UAZ bus exceeded our expectations in every respect.  Thanks a lot for the nice words – we are looking forward to your video =)

Behind seven mountaines - at the "heart lake"

Julia and Lukas from Austria we sent on a special adventure. The two wanted to hike the mountains where there are no tourists. More than happy, we put together a route to fulfil that wish. Arriving in this remote region was already an adventure, including an escorted drive to the head of the local police, who of course, wanted to welcome his rare guests personally with tea.

Proud success stories from the wild coast.

At the beginning of our adventure tours in the UAZ 4×4 camper, we always practice what to do if you get stuck in the sand. This off-road driver training was particularly useful for Corinne and Martin. After the two did some proper digging and received a few tips from us on the phone, we were soon happy to hear: “Hey Andreas – we really did it ourselves! We are unstuck again!”


Leading change by good example

When we heard a group of tourists plan to clean up a stretch of beach while visiting Dagestan, we decided to join them. Ultimately it is up to us individuals to keep our favourite places clean –  something sadly not everybody seems to have realized yet. Together with the tourists and with the help of our children and their friends, we collected almost 100 bags of rubbish together.

Travel restrictions & Visa

Russia is now already open for tourists from over 80 countries!
See the full list and all information here:

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