Traditional hospitality

Travellers are always warmly welcomed in the Caucasus. With us, you don’t need to speak any Russian to experience this local hospitality on your Dagestan  Self‑Drive Tour. We have a network of English speaking friends who will welcome you as their guests in remote villages and authentically introduce you to their local cuisine and culture.

The Caucasus Mountains

For millennia this gigantic mountain range forms the natural border between Europe and Asia. The highest peak in Europe, Mount Elbrus (5642m) is located here. You can try yourself one of the most popular climbs in Dagestan, the traditional pilgrimage up the holy mountain Shalbuzdag.

Traditional food

The tasty cuisine of Dagestan convinces with regional foods, which often come from own gardens. Enjoy “Hinkal” (air-dried, cooked meat from the mountains), “Urbetsch” (a very healthy spread made from nuts and seeds) and many other specialities.

Historic ghost towns

Many settlements, built on cliffs for better defence, were abandoned when decades ago their inhabitants moved to more accessible villages Often called the “Machu Picchu” of Russia, the ruins of Gamsutl is the most famous of the many ghost towns in Dagestan. 

Local wood & silver crafts

Dagestani are skilled artisans and some villages have developed unique arts. For example, the village Untsukul, where masters engrave beautiful patterns into the wood with wafer-thin metal inlays. Or the village of Kubachi, where silversmiths proudly continuing their centuries-old craft. Our Comfort Tours already include visits to the most talented masters and even workshops where you can try the ancient arts yourself. 

Caspian Sea and wild coasts

At the Caspian Sea, you find beautiful stretches of beach inhabited by countless animals. The coast north of Derbent with its gentle dunes is particularly well suited for a visit. You will camp with our 4×4 buses on wild beaches and have the sea all for yourself on our Adventure Tours.

Sulak Canyon

The deepest canyon in Europe is one of the main attractions in Dagestan. For guest travelling in our 4×4 Camper Vans, the remoter parts are an absolute paradise. Where else can enjoy such amazing panoramas while having breakfast right at the edge of an almost 2000m deep canyon?

Unique waterfalls

Countless impressive waterfalls will be on your route, like here in Salta, where a truly magical atmosphere is created when sunbeams mix with the water splashing into a roomy cave.

Ekranoplan - the Caspian Monster

During the Cold War, this was a big military secret which puzzled western intelligence on satellite images. Today the unique boat/plane can be visited on a beach near Derbent. This prototype was once equipped with missiles and designed to travel the sea quickly by flying just a few meters high by efficiently using the so-called ground effect.

UNESCO town Derbent

The Derbent fortress was founded a thousand years ago on ancient caravan routes right on the border between the Russian and Persian empires. You can learn learn more about the great importance of this historic city in a guided English-speaking tour.

Barkhan Dune

Close to the capital Makhachkala you’ll find this huge lonely done, located far from any deserts between green hills. Unique fauna and flora inhabit this huge sand mountain which is part of a natural reserve. The best to visit is in the early morning or evening when the sun is low on the horizon.

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